Terms & Conditions : Electronic Job Cards

Payment Terms             

  1. The client accepts and certifies the correctness of the work done and the indebtedness and acknowledges that the fees due for the above services will be payable upon presentation of the invoice.

  2. Mars Technologies requires that a client application form be completed to apply for a 30 day account. Until such application is successful all payments are on a strictly COD.  All EFT payments will have to be accompanied by a proof of payment.

  3. All goods supplied by Mars Technologies remain the property of Mars Technologies until such goods have been paid in full.

  4. Mars Technologies reserves the right to remove any goods that remain unpaid for a period longer than 7 days unless a client application has been completed which means any period longer than 30 days.

  5. Mars Technologies reserves the right to hand over all outstanding and overdue accounts to our attorneys for collection, where additional levies will be charged at 30% of the outstanding amount.  In the event of an EFT payment, Please fax proof of payment to [email protected] Standard Bank  - Branch code: 050417 – Account no: 241 877 032

  6. Please use “invoice number” as a reference when making payments.

  7. Terms apply 30 days from invoice and interest of 15% will be raised against overdue invoices


  1. First hour labour apply from there billing will be done in ½ hour increments. 

  2. A call out constitutes a 1st hour labour fee.  If no action is taken and the technician/engineer is sent away after arriving on site a 1 hour labour fee will be charged.

  3. Hourly labour quotations are estimated when quoted and invoicing may vary if labour time is more or less than the quote.

  4. Remote calls will be billed in ½ hr increments.

  5. Delivery fees are only applicable when no labour and installation is required. If so a callout fee will be charged.

  6. Business hours: Monday – Friday 8:00am – 17:00

  7. After hours: Monday – Friday will be billed at 1.5 rate with a standby fee

  8. Public Holidays and Sundays: will be billed at 2 rates with a standby fee

Travel Charge

  1. Travel is charged from the relevant Mars Technologies office to the Client’s premises, at the relevant Mars rate per kilometre.

  2. If additional travel is required after the initial arrival time, the additional travel will be charged at the relevant Mars rate per kilometre.

  3. Mars Technologies reserves the right to charge for all additional time related to the callout that may have occurred off site, at the standard labour rate.

  4. Sites further than 100km from the office will accompany travel time charges.


Loan Equipment & Rentals

  1. Any Mars Technologies loan equipment used on site to facilitate “Business uptime” and serve as replacement for faulty equipment will be subject to a rental charge or once off cost.

  2. A rental fee will be charged for loan equipment from the date of installation to date of removal of the equipment.

  3. All rental equipment is the responsibility of the client. Loss due to breakage or theft will be for the client account either through insurance or the clients own means.



  1. While Mars Technologies will endeavour to operate in the customer’s best interest, Mars Technologies will not accept responsibility for any loss whatsoever, including but not limited to customer data, hardware, software, and business revenue or any means or equipment whatsoever.

  2. Clients need to ensure proper data backups and equipment insurance before any equipment leaves the customer property, as Mars Technologies will not accept any responsibility for any data or equipment loss, while in the care of Mars Technologies.

  3. Mars Technologies will not install any counterfeit of illegal software onto any devices, as this contravenes our Microsoft Partner agreement.


  1. All rights, title and interest in and to all intellectual Property relating to any Equipment owned by the Parties, their vendors and/or Suppliers and the software used to implement such Equipment shall at all times remain the sole property of such Parties their vendors or Suppliers.

  2. Mars Technologies will be entitled to disclose the fact that the client is a client of Mars Technologies.  However, Mars Technologies shall not be entitled to disclose any other details of or related to this invoice without the prior consent of the Client which consent will not be unreasonably withheld. Mars Technologies reserves the right to list the client within the Microsoft database of clients for monitoring reference.

  3. For the avoidance of doubt, no provision of this invoice should be construed in such a way that the disclosing party is deemed to have granted its consent to the receiving party to disclose the whole or any part of the information in the event that the receiving party received a request for the whole or any part of the Information in terms of the provisions of the Promotions to Access to Information Act, No 2 of 2000, as amended (the “Act”).  The receiving party shall be obliged to notify the disclosing party immediately when it receives such a request to enable the disclosing party to object and approach a court of competent jurisdiction if necessary, to protect its interests.



  1. All equipment installed or delivered under this agreement carries normal standard supplier warranties.

  2. Mars Technologies reserves the right to assess each query logged in writing against this invoice for any subsequent returns to site for a period of 1 month.  Mars Technologies reserves the right to subsequently credit or debit the client after each return to site.


All queries related to the job card should be communicated within 3 working days.


Queries can be directed to our office on 087 286 6277 or [email protected]

Version 202203

Last Updated : 2022/03/28