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We specialise in designing and implementing ICT Solutions and Services according to our clients’ needs by combining the expertise and skills of our service competencies.

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Network & Risk Services

Mars Network & Risk Services is a Structured Networking & Risk Services Company

Mars Network & Risk Services is a Structured Networking & Risk Services Company. It was started in April 2014 to complement the existing suite of products and services delivered by the holding Company Mars Technologies and leverage on existing infrastructure, client base and skills base.

The definition of connectivity is “The quality, state or capacity of being connective or connected”.

One of the major short comings and challenges of traditional SME cabling companies is the lack of formal training and high-end knowledge, only the basics of connectivity are known. Mars Network & Risk Services has all the required certification, high level knowledge and ability to deliver high quality structured networking installations.

Structured and Managed Wireless Networking

We have highly skilled networking teams across the country who will implement wired CAT5e, CAT6, CAT6a or fibre-optic networks. We have skilled network engineers that will design the most efficient network including the switching and routing requirements.

From a wireless network perspective we specialise in Ruckus Managed wireless solutions and are Big Dog Partners. We test and deploy wireless networks using site surveys and specialised RF planning tools.

We are experts in the following vertical markets segments:

  • Enterprise

  • SME/Branch Office

  • Hospitality

  • Higher Education

  • Primary Education

  • Retail

  • Warehousing

Video Surveillance
Mars Network & Risk Services are partners of the leading vendors in the industry. We test and deploy Surveillance networks using site surveys and planning tools to ensure the customer expectations are met.

We supply to: Enterprise, SME/Branch Office, Hospitality, Higher Education, Primary Education, Retail, Warehousing.

Access Control
A security solution does not consist of one element only. It is the sum of different aspects of security that make a successful solution. Hence the term integrated security solutions.

We specialise in Paxton Access Control systems. These systems are well integrated with surveillance systems and have great staff control and security benefits.

Fire Protection
Our speciality is the installation of gas based fire protection systems for server rooms and data centres.

We then combine the essential networking component with expert knowledge and Risk Reduction using the above mentioned technologies to secure your environment.  Mars Network & Risk Services ensures the quality, state and capacity to be connected!

Every partnership starts with a good conversation.

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